I Betcha Get Goosebumps

Coming right out of left field with this one.

This appears to be a kids CD, released in 1998. It features 5 super random hiphop/urban tunes and 2 of them have Perth Wildcats superstar RICKY GRACE rapping on them about ghosts and ghouls and shit like that. Why!? I do not know!

REALLY weird stuff. Thank you Cash Converters Mandurah for this, it was absolutely worth $1.

Click the cover to download.


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Fatal Array

Thanks to Scott B for sending this in. I will update the bio shortly.

Here is their 1993 self titled LP. Click the cover to download.



Last line-up

Peter Burke

: Guitar

Wayne Russell

: Bass

Dave Thomas

: Drums

Mark Thomas

: Vocals

Glen Thomson

: Guitar

Past members

Others bands/comments
Glenn Robinson : Vocals
Roger Melville : Guitar
Alan Ch’ng : Guitar Suffrance
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