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Anodyne 500 were a guitar rock pop band that sounded a little like The Posies and The Pixies. Formed in Perth in the mid-’90s by former Rosemary Beads singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Fuller, the lineup included Gary Matthews (Drums), Darren Maloney (Bass) and (much later) ex-Wooden Fische guitarist Chris Hann.

Releasing two EPs, “Treasureway” and “Built for Speed, Not Comfort”, Anodyne gigged regularly for about five years from 1995 to 2000, touring Australia once in 1999.

This band was great! ‘TourDe Couch’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. Try finding anything about them online, its as if it never happened. The Perth Syndrome as I call it. Chris Fuller went on to form Ikey Mo who are/were equally as awesome. This was recorded at Jewel Studio by Tim Jewel who was in my year at school. Can anyone remember the name of the band he was in because I have been trying to for ages and can’t.


Anodyne 500 – Treasureway (1998)

And here is their 1999 EP ‘Built For Speed, Not Comfort’. Thanks to Dave Fallon and Mark Stewart for this.

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Anodyne 500 – Built For Speed, Not Comfort.

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They have a myspace and I’m stealing the bio from there as they’ve not logged in for 3 years.

Rothgar was formed in Perth, Western Australia in 1988 when the founding members Andrew Day, Michael Berry-Porter and Hywel Stoakes (all only 13 years old at the time) met each other in in their first year of high school and bonded over their common interest in metal. After a few drummer changes early in the year of 1988 they settled on Lawrence Stock. Michael recorded and produced their first album length cassette at the beginning of 1989 under the name Dark Skies. It featured songs such as ‘On the Run’ and ‘Midnight Exodus’. A second session that year was unfortunately unfinished due to analogue tape problems. A name change followed again and their second (this time a concept) album length tape emerged under the band name Insania in 1989. After this they finally settled on the name Rothgar and in 1990 finished “Where Chaos Reigns” with new drummer Adam ‘Pedro’ Pedretti taking up the drummer role. This cassettte showed a marked improvement as the songs were getting more mature and complex. It was nominated for a WAMI award and the band, still in their mid teens were starting to get attention on local metal shows leading to their first gig. They soon became regulars on the Perth scene, playing with bands such as Allegiance, Infected, Downer, SFD, Fury. In 1991 another cassette “Sea of Fire” was released to the public. 1992 saw the release of “Inside the Glass Confines” the band’s last completed recording. They continued to gig and write new material into 1993 but unfortunately the new songs were lost in history after a studio session was stolen and the band broke up shortly afterwards. ..

All these recordings have been ripped from 20 year old cassette tapes, so as you can imagine the quality is not outstanding. The music however is remarkable and shows the skill of these musicians who were all very young at the time.

Here is the tape ‘Where Chaos Reigns’, recorded April 1991. (Click cover to download).


And here is ‘Inside The Glass Confines’ and the ‘Sea Of Fire’ demo tape.

Also HERE is an unreleased Rothgar track called ‘Unsaid’ that was recorded in 1994 and did not surface until 2013.


And HERE is a great review of one of these tapes on the Perth Metal blog. Truly great.


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