I should have their record ‘Time Bomb’ at some point in January.

For now, someone has uploaded a lovely home made clip to youtube, set to their track ‘DADF#AD’.


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Times Up – Last To Nowhere

Times Up were a pop/emo/rock band who played in the Perth scene in the early 2000’s.

I do not recall the details of their demise but they released this 6 track EP on Roundhouse Records. Get it!

timesup3 timesup4 timesup1 timesup2


A fairly long interview still exists on the Auspunk page from 15 years ago. I’m stealing it before it disappears.

This interview was conducted with Tim and Sean (Homesy), the two guitarists from Perth emo/pop punkers TIMES UP. This is how it went down…

Adam – So give the readers a brief history of Times Up?
Tim TU – We are an emo/ pop punk band. Basically we properly started as a 3 piece in October 2000 with Ben vocals/bass, me – guitar and Justin – drums, then we added Sega to bass and Homsey to 2nd guitar in early 2001.
Todd – jerk in background Is it true Homsey whacks off at rehearsals?
Adam laughs
Sean TU – How the fuck does he do that?
Adam – Well he is talking about you isn’t he??
Adam – So what bands are your influences?
Tim TU – Umm New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Fairweather, Boy Sets Fire, AFI and heaps others we like everything.
Adam – Yeah you guys have a bit of a mixture in your tunes, slower stuff, faster tracks, is diversity the key??
Tim TU – Yeah we don’t do it on purpose, it comes out that way, we never try to write a particular type of song just whatever we come up with.
Adam – Well it seems to be working well for you guys, as you have scored some very nice support slots lately, are you happy with what the band has achieved so far?
Tim TU – We are pretty happy with how its been going the supports are awesome, we can’t wait to get our cd out now which should be in a couple of months.

Adam – So you just finished recording for that, how has that been going?

Sean TU – Recording was good, a few late nights but its sounding really good and should be ready in a few months.
Tim TU – We are going to mix it this weekend, so hopefully it will turn out good and people will buy it.
Adam – I’m sure they will as you guys have gained a very loyal and large following pretty damn quick.
Adam – Your live shows are quite entertaining and energetic, do you try to play as much as possible?
Tim TU – Everyone in the scene in Perth is heaps cool, its good going to a show and hanging with people who have the same interests.
Adam – Definitely, that is a good thing about the Perth scene, everyone seems to be mates and it is a pretty close knit scene which seems to be lacking somewhat in other states.
Sean TU – Its awesome to see people coming out to watch us and yeah giving us the support, energetic shows are the best and it’s fun to get into it.
Tim TU – We are trying to play as much as possible at the mo’ so we can try and get our name out there but maybe cut down in awhile before everyone gets sick of us.


Adam – And you have got your own fan club haven’t you Homsey?
Adam – I noticed at the Throwdown licensed show you had a few supporters chanting your name, is it those kicks and jumps you do?
Sean TU – laughs I dunno where those guys came from but it was cool to see em getting into it and having a good time
Adam laughs
Adam – exactly right
Sean TU – laughs I’m not sure but he seems to enjoy the kicks!!
Sean TU – I hope its nothing personal.
Adam – So getting back to the recording, how many tracks on the ep?
Tim TU – 6 tracks
Adam – When exactly should it be in the shops by?
Tim TU – Hopefully in a couple of months, we are getting everything together now like artwork and stuff.
Adam – Cool, who is it gonna be released by and is their distro on the East Coast??
Tim TU – Umm it’s on Roudhouse records run by Dion from Boredumb and I’m pretty sure you will be able to get it on the East Coast.
Adam – Well if they can’t who is best to contact to grab a copy?
Tim TU – Go to our website and order one, but we will make sure we get some copies over to the East Coast.
Adam – Yeah good idea
Sean TU – Yeah it’d also be cool to tour over there later in the year or something.
Adam – Speaking of touring you guys are on the Kittysmack roster? How did that come about?
Tim TU – We sent our demo over to him (Nathan) just by chance and he asked us to join which was cool, we wanted to go to Sydney this winter but we had no money, but hopefully we will do an East Coast tour at the end of this year or early next year, Homsey tell your Mum to expect company!!
Adam laughs
Adam – She will be thrilled no doubt, especially with Sega.
Sean TU – laughs She wont be there anymore
Sean TU laughs
Adam – Oh no action for Sega then
Sean TU – Nah Sega will miss out!!
Tim TU – Dammit
Adam laughs
Adam – Were you looking for some action aswell Tim?
Tim TU laughs

Adam – So with the East Coast tour where would you be taking in? Or where would you like to play?
Tim TU – We will see how it goes, definately Melbourne and probably Sydney as well just whoever wants to give us a show.
Adam – Yeah well I’m sure you guys will do Sydney as Secondbest would be keen for shows no doubt and Crank for that matter!!
Tim TU – Yeah Crank are the best bunch of guys and I’m sure Secondbest are also so it will be cool to do some shows over there.
Sean TU – Yeah it’d be awesome to go over and play with Crank they are great dudes and are a really good band.
Adam – Too true, it will be good to have them back in Perth soon.
Adam – So what is in the pipeline for you guys over next few months?
Tim TU – Just to get our cd out and do more shows, we’ve got good shows coming up, and them save up to tour.
Adam – What shows have you got coming up?
Tim TU – We are playing with Mindsnare next week, that band is awesome even though they are a different style to us I can’t wait to play with them and then Sommerset are coming here in August and we will be doing a show with them.
Adam – You sure will be, the next month or so should be a great time for the people of Perth.
Tim TU – Yeah all thanks to Eightysix music run by Dion, Adam and Toddy in Perth any bands thinking of touring to Perth should get in touch with these guys, Eightysix is rad!!
Adam laughs
Adam – Nice shoutout there, cheers!!
Tim TU – No worries

Adam – So what bands in Perth do you think East Coast people should check out?

Sean TU – Definately Boredumb who are touring soon, PC Thug and also The Critics they are all really good bands, definately worth checking out.
Adam – Definitely, any others Tim?
Tim TU – Yeah there are heaps of bands definately Boredumb, PC, the Critics, Waste of Space and so many more I think we have pretty good scene in Perth and its getting better.
Adam – Yeah well it is heaps better than say a few years ago, some people like Dion, Todd (to name a couple) have done very good things for the Perth scene.
Tim TU – And don’t leave out yourself there mate!!
Adam laughs
Adam – Yeah I guess I have done a little bit aswell, cheers!!
Sean TU – Yeah as long as people keep supporting the shows we will hopefully have more and more good bands coming through over here.
Tim TU – It’s awesome to see everyone getting involved cause I think that’s the way it should be.
Adam – So what should the East Coast people expect when you tour?
Tim TU – Just fun, hopefully they will like what we do, we will jump around a lot anyway, and Homsey will release a few kicks.
Adam laughs
Adam – Well I am sure the East Coast people will enjoy what they see.
Tim TU – Thanks
Sean TU – An energetic show is always good to get people into it and a few drinks is also good aswell.
Adam – Can’t go wrong with a few drinks and a good band like yourselves.
Adam – I reckon you guys could get old grannies off their seats… or at least for them to get a better look at Sega!!
Sean TU laughs yeah all those grannies should rock out more often.
Adam – You guys got any shoutouts before we finish up?
Tim TU – All right thanks heaps for the interview Adam.
Sean TU – Thanks Adam for the interview and Kat for organising a lot of stuff for us and also Dion and Todd for helping us out as well!!
Tim TU – Yeah definately a shoutout to Eightysix music who are doing heaps in Perth at the moment, yeah our manager Kat you does heaps for us and everyone that comes to the shows.
Adam – Well good luck with your upcoming release guys and I will catch up with you soon. Cheers boys.
Tim TU – Thanks later
Sean TU – Thanks mate, later.

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Yuppify or Die compilation

I think I was sent this from the people behind the Dullsville blog.


This is a 2 hour, 60 track cassette tape compilation put out by Stumbles from Rupture in 91. It consists of demo tracks, live recordings and unreleased material from Perth punk and hardcore bands from the early 80s through till 1991. A lot of junk, but there are some real gems in there.

I believe this is also the first recording I have of the band Thou Gideon on this site. Other notable mentions are a live recording of ’21’ and ‘Doctor Who’ by Cinema Prague from 1990 and a whole bunch of other fast/loud/noisy stuff from bands I’ve featured on this site such as Storm Of Perversion, Rupture, Black Sheep, Threshold Of Pain etc.

Get it here.

cover (1)

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44.1 Complilation

This was a collaborative effort between Invurt and Hardline Recordings.

Featuring 13 tracks from Perth electronic music producers it covered styles ranging from Hardcore to Jungle, Gabber, Trance and Drum and Bass.

Producers on the CD were Facter, Animal Intelligence, Radium, Kynac, Hutcho, Karnage (RIP), Spec 700, Static, Violation (Petar Ceklic from Teknoscape), Illicit, Switch, Rhythm and Bard.

From what I can remember, Facter ran a very early web radio station which was known as Invurt. Fairly pioneering stuff for the late 90’s. They occasionally broadcast out of The Windsor Hotel in South Perth. Come to think of it I think I did some shows on it too! There was a CD launch for this album at the long gone nightclub ‘Fire and Ice’ on William Street.

Anyway Invurt still exists, but as a ‘an online webzine focusing on Australasian urban, street, underground, low brow and other new genre challenged contemporary art.’

Here is the compilation.

back cover inside

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Kayjun – Storm

Remnants of a website here. I stole all the info from there as I did not see them play personally.

Kayjun formed in 1996 on the foundation of strong friendships between all members of the band. Kayjun was the first band for each of the members, and in the early days found its feet by playing covers of their favourite bands, like Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and the Screaming Jets.

Kayjun’s early performances were enjoyed by all, and within months the band began playing at parties for friends and strangers alike.

After almost a year of playing covers, Kayjun decided that their musical future lay in writing and performing their own songs. In late 1997 the song-books were cast aside and the long, hard road of original song writing began in earnest.

Kayjun were the “most popular band” at Gozzy Rock, an annual, regional band competition, in each of 1997 and 1998, and were also the overall runner-up in both years.

Kayjun were semi-finalists at the statewide Next Big Thing competition in 1998. This competition is open to music of all types, and Kayjun were commended on their performances by judges of wide musical persuasions.

Kayjun were one of four nominees for Perth’s Best Original Heavy Metal Band in the 1999 WAMI awards.

They called it quits in 2001 and guitarist Anthony Wong went on to play axe for Syzygy.

Here is their EP ‘Storm’. Release date uncertain, I think around 1998 or 1999.

scan0047 scan0048


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New Site Categories

Above this post are 2 new categories which will make browsing the site much easier.

I’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the bands I’ve made posts about. This should make it much easier to find what you’re looking for!

Also I realised I had quite a few compilation CD’s in my collection, so there is a new section for those also.

I still have plenty more to add so keep an eye on the site, or like our facebook page where I announce new updates.


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Penelope played their first pub gig in December 1996 at the Swanbourne Hotel to a receptive audience. Thinking they had something worth listening to they entered the 1997 Australian National Campus Band Competition and made it to the state final. “That was when we first really started to take things seriously” drummer Tim Beor explained.

Other achievements of note included: the semi-final of the 1998 Next Big Thing, winning the 1999 WAM Song of the Year ‘Love Category’ with “Spanish Fly”, and inclusion in the 1999 Eat More Perth Homegrown Calendar (their song “Betty” can be found on the accompanying CD).

Penelope played with many local favourites such as Beaverloop, Eskimo JoeTurnstyleAdam Said Galore and Red Jezebel and at most of Perth’s original music venues. The band had airplay on RTRFMTriple J, and 100 FM, all before the release of their first EP titled Eleven.


Here is the EP ‘Eleven’.

Someone has uploaded some clips of them playing and an interview on the Channel 31 show ‘Music Revolution’ – nice!


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dropsick injektors

Awesome. Thoroughly awesome.






Click the cover and get downloadin’.

And HERE is another Dropsick LP. Unreleased, untitled, and fucking rockin’!@! Thanks to Figg for this!!


Thanks again to Figg, heres some footage of their first show at the wonderful Hyde Park Hotel.




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Thermos Cardy

Stolen from :

Thermos Cardy was a band from Perth, Western Australia, which formed in 1995. The band consisted of Karl Smith(vocals, guitar), Harry Kneen (six-string bass) and Adam Johnson (drums). Their music was regularly played on RTR-FM, and they appeared on RTR’s Live at the Cornflakes. Thermos Cardy made the WA final of the National Campus Band Competition in 1995, and in 1996, they released the EP Come To Where The Flavour Is and the album Kimberley Street Retirement Village. They disbanded in 1996, and Karl Smith went on to form Sodastream.

I remember watching this band reherase in a scout hall in Doubleview shortly after I finished high school in 1993. Karl was a year above me in high school. He studied hard and was a nice guy and went to church.

During the peak of Thermos Cardy I was at the Planet for a WAMI show watching hordes of Pavement tshirt clad indie chicks swooning as Karl entered the building, resplendent in jesus sandals and neutral attire. It may have been a light khaki ensemble. Perhaps even cargo shorts. He may have had flowers in his hair.

Coincidentally the Kimberly Street retirement village that their album is named after is where my great grandmother died, aged 99.

Moving right along this is their EP ‘Come To Where The Flavour Is’.

And here is a vinyl rip of their 1996 LP ‘Kimberly Street Retirement Village’.

backfront pretty! vinyl

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