The Pimps

I must admit that I don’t know a terribly great deal about The Pimps. I shared a stage with them a couple of times but

I wasn’t into the older style punk as much as I was the 90’s stuff so the memory of their years of existence is hazy.

Anyway Sam from the band uploaded a torrent of their material about a year ago. It took me about a year to actually complete the download and rather than rely on

someone seeding it, I’m posting it here.

All material (C) The Pimps, who were:

Mark “Beardo” Colaizzi – Vocals
Sam “Pizza Hendrix” Murray – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Zane Jeffries – Bass
Corky – Drums (A night at the hydie)
Glen Bogan – Drums (Self Titled)
Steve Steamtrain – Drums (Tafe Demo)

This file contains their Self Titled release as well as 2 live recordings, one from the Hydey and one from Tafe.

Someone has also put a chunk of their music on youtube, with some amazing Perth punk photos to go with it.

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The Next Big Thing – 10 year anniversary dvd.

Thanks to Leo for sending this disc to me!

I was not aware that this organisation was no more and that is a definite shame. The Next Big Thing kicked off in 1996 and was responsible

for the promotion of countless Perth bands through shows, releasing compilation cds and helping artists out  in many ways.

This disc contains a huge amount of music as well as a bunch of interviews with musicians, promoters and journalists from Perth and regional Western Australia.

Heres the music. It’s 489 megs in size and is all of the 130 odd tracks from the annual NBT CD’s 1996-2006. Well worth the download.

And here is the artwork for all of the cd’s. 26 megs.

Heres part 1 of the DVD :

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Channel 31 – Filter

A fantatic VHS conversion thanks to Figg featuring a pretty healthy cross section of the Perth scene in the year 2000.

It features interviews and footage of No Wonder, Capital City, The Rats,  Turnstyle, Brett Rowe (that hair!!),  DJ’s

Echoic, BJam, Krank, Dan Stinton and some of Perths record store staff at the time.



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Cremator – Evil Brew

Thrash metal from 1987..


They put out an LP on Waterfront too. I watched one go for $187 on eBay recently!





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Freuds Pillow – Pleasure Puppy



I’ve been looking for this FOREVER. Thanks to Senton again for this submission.

From :

Before Eskimo JoeLittle Birdy and One Horse Town, there was the high school band which started it all.
In the beginning: Joel Quartermain, Simon Leach and Stuart Leach were all year 12 students from Hollywood High School, who decided to form their own band and asked friend Kav Temperley to join them. They managed to release only one EP titled Pleasure Puppy in 1997, featuring a collection of songs Kav had written as a teenager. One song on the EP, “Mr Hoek”, was written by Kav’s friend Stuart Macleod. The EP is now extremely rare to find but highly sought after by fans.

The band played to mediocre success, playing in various gigs in Perth but eventually disbanded when Kav decided to form his own band with Joel and Stuart, which would become Eskimo Joe. Simon Leach eventually joined Little Birdy in 2002 and Stuart went on to form One Horse Town.

Click HERE for the download.


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