Volatine (1995)

This is a self titled EP by Volatine that came out in 1995 on Salmonberry Records. Sorta reminds me of Pearl Jam.

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Yiannos McStavros – The Story of a House I Knew

Generally I only post about music from the past but here is something from right now.

Yiannos McStavros was the frontman of the amazingly amazing pop/ska/punk outfit ‘Billings Method’ and also contributed axe/backing vox to the similarly amazing ‘Whitechapel’.

In his latest musical output we see him strip things right back to the bone. It’s acoustic, its solo, its ‘The Story Of A House I Knew’.

Oh and its free.

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I don’t even know what the hell this is. Thanks to Chris Righteous @ Dadas for the donation.

It’s actually so fucking weird and bad that I didn’t bother to rip it all to mp3. The disc art is enough. 29 tracks of home recorded noise that seems to concentrate lyrically on such subjects as :

– fuck cops

– fuck bouncers

– i drive better with a few in me

– chopper reid

– fuck cops/bouncers

I dunno why the disc art has details of how to buy it, one would assume if they had the disc in their hand then they already owned it.


Curiosity got the better of me so I looked up the address on the disc and it appears to be here, where the letter ‘A’ is, in the middle of …well, nowhere.



Specifically, this shed.



Heres the second track from it.

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Tides In Motion – Optimum Recordings

Something a little different from the usual material posted on this site, but definitely one of my main musical interests!

Tides In Motion was an 11 track compilation released toward the end of 1999. It came out on Optimum Recordings which was owned by

Dj Echoic who had been a major player on the Perth jungle and drum and bass scene since its early days, as well as holding it down on RTRFM for years.

It features some of the main DJ’s from that time period who were producing, including Diamond D, Echoic, B Jam, Jase From Outta Space, Sardi (Replicant) etc.

Musically its very much in the vein with 98/99 dark dnb. I don’t remember hearing anyone play these tunes out personally but I was often hepped up on goofballs during this period. Actually I do recall JFOS doing a live set at the Bridge Thearte (for EMAS!)¬†around 1999 which was much in the vein of his track on this compliation.

I guess in the ‘pre cdj’ era it was quite hard to get stuff cut to acetate if you lived in Western Australia.

Anyway here it is, enjoy.


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Breakfast Beats Your Bongo – 1994

I am pretty happy to have come across a physical copy of this disc after a trip to the hellhole that is Mandurah Cash Converters earlier this year.

This is another CD compiled on Idaho Records by Bob Gordon from XPress and it is the follow up to the 1993 compilation ‘Bedtime Beats You Brainless‘.

Featuring 14 tracks from a fairly varied cross section of the Perth live scene in 1994 it includes acts such as Verona, Lamia, Bucket, Header, Circus Murders amongst others.

A great little compilation and well worth the download. Grab it here.

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