Amazingly, you can still buy this 1996 EP digitally on Amazon and iTunes.

I had to post on to remind myself the name of Tim Jewells band. This is really good, I’ve no idea what happened to them.

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Perthquake Compilation

This great compilation is from about 2001 and features Boredumb / Billings Method / Caddis / Downsyde / Jed Whitey / Negative Reply / CPS / Dropsick Injektors / The Dirty Whittler / Ballpoint / No Wonder / Matty B / PC Thug and Fourstroke.

Awesome stuff. Get it here.




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W.A Grade Compilation

This is a great 2003 compilation by PCW Records featuring some of the best hardcore/punk/pop punk bands the city had to offer at that time.

The label was also responsible for another compilation ‘Perthquake‘.


This one has tracks from :  3 Days Later / AIDS / Alleged / Capital City / Change of Face / Eleventh He Reaches London / Fool The World / From The Ruins / Homicides / Jed Whitey / Kerb / Killed In Action / Last Years Hero / Local Pricks / Miles Away / Nailed Down / Negative Reply / PC Thug / The Coffins / The Critics / The Dead Ends / Times Up / Waste Of Space / Whitechapel ..

Get it here.



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Lost – 4 Weeks

Assuming the Dadas sticker is right, this is from 1996. Their name had a yin-yang in it! Wow.

Lost – 4 Weeks


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The Dirty Whittler

Here’s an awesome website of theirs which I hadn’t seen til now :

And thanks again to Andris for these 3 records :

Dirty Whittler – Flossing With Meat

Dirty Whittler – GCAGBDRFS

Dirty Whittler – Here It Is









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Subtruck is a heavy groove rock band that was formed in 1998 in Perth, Western Australia by singer/guitarist Phil Bradley, previously of The Jackals.


Debut self titled 3 track EP ‘Subtruck’.


Added another release as it does indeed seem they are not no longer playing.

From 2002 this is the LP ‘Songs To Whistle At War’. 












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Prawns With Horns

I saw these guys once at Yac It Up in Melville, I think anyway. I was really into ska and had no idea they existed before that fateful day around 1999. I was kinda bummed too, like I’d missed out on a local band with a horn section who could actually play. I never saw them again after that day either, go figure. They were a ‘wacky’ party band of sorts. That time I saw them was the first time I saw anyone ever use a real theremin on stage, it ruled.

Annyway it seems they toured outside of Australia quite alot, no mean feat for a pre-internet band from Perth. I’ll let their website do the rest of the horn blowing for them.

Here is their 1999 LP ‘Ampersand’.

And their 1996 LP ‘Cisco And His Disco’.



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Finally I have the Downer tape ‘Swell’ to add to the site. I’ve had their album ‘Greater Scrape’ since it came out but never had the tape. Thanks to Senton from forums for the tape, he said he was given a cd copy from Joey K (The Devil Rides Out, iNFeCTeD). Great effort.

Stolen from Perth Metal  : Once upon a time in Perth lived a band called Dumptruck. In this time Death Metal was gaining some serious momentum in Perth, Nebula, Grimoire, Suffrence and FOD were just a few of the bands of this genre in 94, but Downer would have been the biggest. After some years of local attention they became noticed by a US band of the same name and after threats of litigation were pretty much forced to change their name. Thus Downer was born.

So heres two Downer releases in one package.


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The Panics

Yes they’re still very much alive and kicking, but I can break my own rules can’t I? They have a new record coming out at the end of July.

This is their new video :


And heres another from their 2004 release ‘Crack In The Wall’ that is my favourite song of theirs to date.


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Avid Grey

Heres an awesome 7 tracker from 2000 called ‘A History of Inglorious Failures’. Thanks again to Robert for the submission.

Seems someone from this band is also in Shimmergloom, or maybe someone from Verona was in Avid Grey too. Google tells me nothing.

Click the cover to download.

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I really like this band. I’m happy to have a couple of releases of theirs for the site and big thanks go to Robert for the submission of their EP ‘Shalvros’.

I don’t remember alot about their history or wether they released anything other than Slavros and ‘Fuel’. It seems someone from the band went on to play in an outfit called


Anyway here is 2 EP’s. From 1994 ‘Fuel’ an 1996 ‘Shalvros’. Right click and save as.

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PC Thug

The hardest thrashin’ fuckers Perth ever did see. Collectively the members made up some of Perths best bands, both before and after PC Thug (apart from Cam who was in Prickle apparently).

Download 3 EP’s in one bunch  (1999 High Energy Comment, 2001’s Product of the Times, 2003’s Warn the Others)






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Behind The 8 Ball

This post is courtesy of Bendog over at Westska the best place for all your Perth ska needs, but he seems to update the facebook more frequently.

Behind The 8 Ball were a pretty decent ska/punk band, the main difference between them and other bands playing that style of music was they actually had a horn section. I played with them a couple of times an really enjoyed their stuff.

Their bio here is quite in depth. They recorded an album called ‘A New Love For Summer’.

They have a myspace and some great photos here. 

Behind the 8 Ball rocked socks and inspired insubordination about Perth for 5 years. Formed during school days at Como High, the band went on to play a heap of shows and sell more than a few copies of their cd ‘A new love for summer’. Some of the highlights included drunken parties and school balls, cd launches and countless gigs at liscensed venues while underage. They don’t play any more, which sucks, but a few of the members have new ventures. Leonard MC’s and produces for his hip-hop outfit ‘The Anonymous’. Josh, Pete and Josh play for ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and have formed a new band, ‘Burning Fiction’. Thanks to everyone who helped with the good times, we hope you enjoy the leftovers!

For those into the Asian Man records kinda sound you will dig this.

Download ‘A New Love For Summer’ here.















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I hated this band. HATED. I hated people who liked them. Especially those two rather large girls who did the side to side swivel dance to them and Team Jedi.

Now I’m 35 and wear the occasional cardigan on a chilly night I quite enjoy them. The fact it took me 15 years longer to enjoy argyle knitwear than these guys may mean I’ve aged well…..more appropriately perhaps. Whatever. They have a nice amount of videos on their youtube. And a helpful wiki entry. And a myspace and a facebook and a website than links them all together.


Here is the ‘Itcheekneesonchee’ EP from 1997. I need the other stuff too if anyone has it.


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Bedtime Beats You Brainless Compilation (1993)

I’ll let the cover art do the talking. Click either for the download.

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Missing Garden Gnomes

Everything you ever needed to know and 10 times more can be found here .

And here is their debut release ‘Socks’.

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Not Enough Rope


Their debut EP was I’ll Tell You When I See You in 1996, followed by their debut album Fingerpistol and My Way EP (both in 1998) and Paying Off My Radials album in 2001, which features a cover of The Triffids‘ “Wide Open Road“.


Matt Kealley now plays in acoustic folk rock band, Jigger, Matt Galligan is a professional photographer, Todd Lynch and Mike Lane went on to form King Brown and Shanks Pony, a group Lynch is still actively involved in. Mike now spends most of his time involved in cricket coaching and administration, playing live infrequently, as a guest player for local original artists.

Heres the first EP.

And here is their 1999 LP called Fingerpistol.



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This isn’t great. But here it is. From 1995 ‘On The Quiet’, a 4 track EP.

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Plutonic Girl

If I remember rightly this was what happened  after Apartment 25/99. Simone Hageman and Lily Sumich featured in both bands.


This is the 1998 release ‘Use Your X-Ray Vision’. I loved Simone Hageman from afar as a teenager. Where is she now?

Lily Sumich is now in Benedict Moleta and was also in The Spinsters.

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