100 posts.

100 posts. I started this blog a few years ago on WordPress to simply upload a few tasty gems from my rediculously large collection of music from the city of Perth. Being an overly nostalgic person, I often found myself trying to seek out music that I spent my youth obsessing over. Often any web searches of my favourite home town bands returned very little information. Perhaps an outdated myspace, a photo or 2 but very very rarely any music. This seemed totally wrong to me, how could all those bands who sweated for their art simply have disappeared into the ether?

Now it feels like some kind of archive, and whilst entirely based on a small city most people who travel to Australia never venture to, I feel glad that the amazing music of Perth is available here. Of course there is questionable moral obligations and somewhat doubtful copyright implications of hosting such a large collection of music. So far to date I’ve not had a single complaint for any of the music I’m hosting. I’d also like to thank all the members of bands who have gotten in touch and provided copies of their work.

Heres to 100 more.

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